The Run

the polls
polls are in

So welcome to the run with day one down and 2 more to go we have the first polls for our runners.

Team 1 popularity poll

Jason – leader %50
Max – second in command %05
blanket – the hacker %10
the shadow – muscle %10
russ – the driver %10
Big Lou the face %15 (dead)
jack – demolitions dead

Team 2 popularity poll

Jason – leader %20
jerk – second in command %20
jello2 – the hacker %10 (dead)
john – muscle %35
jim – the driver %7
watt – the face %10
jake – demolitions dead

Team 3 popularity poll

Harrison – killer %20
leon – German gangster %20
shadow beard – the hacker %20
Dan – muscle %25
Big Carl – the driver %12
zeff – the face %05
kenny – demolitions dead

we have 2 dead on each team but team 3. This is still any ones game. so far we have seen a fight in a building that turned into more explosions. we have seen 12 bystanders die. Next up is day two and the stake have risen. At 7am they will be transporting the docs to a secure building. who will win this round? stay tuned to see what will happen next.

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