Mr. johnson(aka mr grigori R)

well dressed middle age white male


mr. Johnson is a vary plain white male. He has no marks or details that stick out when you talk with him. he is well spoken but lacks in just about everything else. Hell just by looking at him it would be hard to tell if he was a human.


The background of this mr. Johnson is one surrounded by mystery. Little can be found on the man. He is known to be a man about 59 years of age. he came aboard the rosen courts group at the age of 25 and has worked his way to vice chairman of the rosen courts group. Other then where he works and what he dose no one can seem to come up with any other information about him. He shows up here and there but most of its about grass roots projects he has started. On a few websites there is so speculation that his is really meta human or even more out there that is is Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin the man who was said to be almost invincible.

Mr. johnson(aka mr grigori R)

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