Leon Jonas Kuester


Sex: Male; Species: Human; Age: 38; Height: 6’-3”; Weight: 180 lbs.; Eyes: brown; Hair: brown, buzzed short; Skin: Caucasian; Build: average, muscular; Appearance: practical.
Wears a long coat.


Born in Frankfurt, Germany to a couple who lived on the poverty line, Leon quickly learned how to fend for himself. His mother died when he was young. His father left one night, and never returned home. He joined up with a local gang at the age of 11 where he was nothing more than a street thug. Before too long, the gang disbanded, and he was all alone, once more.

Kuester spent his most of his teen years traveling across the continent, doing odd jobs for cash, rent, or food. He learned to live on the road with no home to call his own. Eventually, Kuester joined up with the military of the German Federation. He served well, battling both men and creatures of magic. He lost track of how many lives he ended. Every time, he felt nothing but the kick of his weapon.

After two tours, he used his wages to buy some basic commodities, including a vehicle. Now, just about a quarter-century-old, he had no plan for his life, and with his skill set, there’s only so many careers available. Then, in just one night, things aligned into position, and he had something of a job.

It was in a fine tavern, just outside of Munich. Nothing was any different from any other night – not yet, anyway. About three drinks into the evening, a gunman bursts into the bar, and gunned down seven patrons before anyone could react. The then darted to the office where a well-dressed man was seated. Leon drew his weapon and dropped the man with the sound of three caps. The man ran out of the office as panic began to fade.

The next week, Leon had a job as a personal body guard to Benedetto Mazzanti, a businessman, entrepreneur, and dirty crook. With a reputation like his, there’s good reason to have a bodyguard. Kuester worked for Mazzanti for almost two years. That’s when his career was instantly terminated, along with his employer. Kuester prevented several attempts on his employer’s life, but sooner or later, he was bound to fail. The killer: an female assassin who seduced and poisoned Mazzanti.

Once again, Leon was out of work. He tried making it as a driver, a contractor, and whatever else he could find, but the work was always short-term and poor with pay. Then one day, he got a call from an old war buddy by the name of Ollie Church. They agreed to meet to catch up and recall old times. After a little small talk, he found Ollie managed to network his way around, and could offer Leon a job as a runner. Leon figured it was better than any work he was getting at the moment, so he agreed to join up with his old friend.

Ollie dealt in merchandise and information of a sensitive nature. He wasn’t the most connected, but he oftentimes knew people who were. Unfortunately, information usually come with a price. At first Leon was a runner and driver. Until Ollie shared some news about a hit out on some thug in the area. Leon figured it was easy cash, so he had Ollie track the guy down, and it wasn’t long before they were getting paid for taking hits. They had a system: Ollie would find the hit, then proceed to track the targets down by talking to the right people. Once they knew around where the target was, Leon would do the dirty work. Then, they would share the bounty. Kuester was a faceless, nameless gunman. Though nobody knew of his identity, some professionals may have heard of him as “Ollie’s Guy.”

Kuester just killed a lobbyist in Maryland. He didn’t know who wanted him dead or why; he just knew the job. He was relaxing in his hotel room, hoping to catch some descent programming. That’s when he got Lambo’s letter.

Leon Jonas Kuester

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